Africoin Is The Future Of Digital Money In Africa
People always search for opportunity to a better life. New fields and industries gives a chance to entrepreneurs and the general public to make that happen. Bitcoin was seen as an opportunity by some visionary people when it was still in its infancy. It was risky for the time being like any other technology but they took a chance and their reward was beyond their highest expectation. Many early adopters converted $100 to over $1,000,000 (Click here to see proof of a user who did) .

This opportunity is reappearing again through Africoin a replica of Bitcoin. Africoin is the Africa answer to Bitcoin; a premium and true decentralized cryptocurrency modelled after bitcoin.
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Africoin WALLET
Android Wallet
Desktop Wallet
Web Base Wallet
The Africoin Wallet V 2.0.0
The Africoin blockchain based wallets allow you to send and receive Africoins. Please make sure you always have the latest version of the wallet apps.
google play
Africoin Specification
Coin Type
Hashing Algorithm
10 MIN
Block time
Block Reward
Block Halving Rate
Total Coins
Difficulty Retargeting Algorithm
AFC Exchange And Community
afc community
AFC Exchange
Starting with AFCExchange is easy to convert your AFC to cash or vice versa, whether you are new to digital currency or you are already familiar with how it works.
afc community
Check out the Africoin AFC Community, and keep up on the latest news, project develpoments, economics, marketplace, general talk, and a whole lot more.
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